An International Workshop in honour of Prof. Giorgio Bartolini retirement

“Sliding Modes: still active or it is time to retire?”

Cagliari, August 25-26, 2011.

The Automatic Control Group at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari, Italy, invites every interested researcher to attend an International Workshop devoted to discuss the current trends and promising perspectives of Sliding Mode Control theory and applications, in the occasion of recent Prof. Giorgio Bartolini's retirement.


Meeting aims

The developments in technology and the needs of improving the performance of complex systems are changing the current paradigms in control theory and applications. Nowadays it seems everyday simpler to implement low level control loops while an increasing request of controlling, supervising and monitoring complex, large-scale, systems of systems is soliciting the automatic control research community.

Application of Sliding Modes theory, both in control and observation, was shown to be effective in case of relatively structured systems even under hard uncertainty conditions.

The aim of this meeting is that of encouraging a discussion among researchers working on sliding mode control about possible contributions of such a theoretical apparatus in emerging automatic control problems.

Technical presentations will be given during  the first day of the Workshop. In the second Workshop’s day a technical visit in the surroundings of Cagliari is foreseen, and, following the  tradition of ancient Greek philosophers, discussions will be encouraged and possibly inspired by a walk in an ancient Sardinian archaeological site. 







Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, August 25-26, 2011

Cittadella dei Musei. Piazza Arsenale, 1, Cagliari





Prof. Elio USAI -

Dr. Alessandro PISANO -





Workshop location

Cittadella dei Musei

Piazza Arsenale, 1 Cagliari


Preliminary Programme (subject to modifications)

August 25, 2011


Opening and Welcome

Prof. Elio Usai

Prof. Fabrizio Pilo (Dean of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Cagliari)

Prof. Giorgio Massacci   (Dean of the Engineering Faculty, University. of Cagliari)

Prof. Giorgio Bartolini

09:30 – 11:10

Morning Technical Session A



Prof. Michael Basin

Optimal control problems: from LQR to sliding modes



Dr. Elisabetta Punta

Observers in the sliding mode control of nonlinear systems



Prof. Arie Levant     

Realization issues of high-order sliding mode



Prof. Chris Edwards

Sliding modes for FDI and FTC applied to aerospace systems


Coffee break


Morning Technical Session B



Prof. Antonella Ferrara

Switched second-order sliding mode control with application to Bartolini’s motorcycle



Prof. Leonid Fridman

Sliding mode observers are still the best way to observe the life and identify the faults



Prof. Vadim Utkin

One more theorem on stability of super-twisting algorithm



Prof. Wilfrid Perruquetti

Multi-homogeneity for global sliding mode design

13:00 – 15:00


15:00 – 16:30

Afternoon Session



Dr. Piero Pili 

Advanced control perspectives in the collaboration between Elianto CSP (Concentrating Solar Plants) Ltd. and the Giorgio Bartolini’s research group at DIEE


15:20 -15:40

Prof. Jean-Pierre Barbot

On the influence of Giorgio Bartolini on the French high order sliding mode community


15:40 -16:00

Dr. Alessandro Pisano

The scientific legacy of Giorgio Bartolini


16:00 – 16:30

Open discussion – Challenges and opportunities of modern sliding-mode control


          Prof. Elio Usai – Workshop closing.


Prof. Giorgio Bartolini Concluding Speech

17:00 – 20:00

Social activities


Guided tour (in English language) of National Archeological Museum (adjacent to workshop location) and of the hystoricalCastello  area.


Social dinner



August 26, 2011

09:00 – 21:00

Technical and social activities (20 € of contribution per participant is required)

The day activities include

-      Technical visit in the surroundings of Cagliari

-      Guided visit (in English Language) to the archaeological site of Nora, with Roman, Phoenician, and Punic remains. Nora is located near Pula, at approximately 40 km from Cagliari

-      Lunch at Chia Laguna Resort in the Restaturant “Le Dune” on the beach.

-      Private beach services and facilities (beach umbrella, chair and towel included)

-      Arrival to Cagliari at 9 pm

For those participants having a flight in the evening, there is possibility of an anticipated direct transfer from the Chia Laguna Resort to the Cagliari Airport (not included, and to be purchased separately if required). Transfer by taxi costs € 92 (up to three persons). Transfer by shuttle costs € 135 (up to eight persons)