Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia

Emilio Ghiani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Electric Power Systems
DIEE - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Piazza d'Armi - 09123 Cagliari - Italy
Tel. +39-0706755872
Cell. 3204372960
Fax +39-0706755900



Emilio Ghiani was born in Oristano (OR), Italy, in 1973. He received the laurea degree in electrical engineering in 1999 from the University of Cagliari ( Italy) discussing a thesis titled “Algorithms and models for expansion planning of MV power distribution networks with open-loop schemes”. In 2000 he obtained the license for the professional activity. In February 2005 he received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from the same university. His dissertation thesis focused on the assessment of the uncertainty in digital measurements for power quality evaluation. Since 2003 he is Assistant Professor of Power System at the same University. Current research interests are in the field of Active MV distribution network planning and optimization. He is a member of IEEE, and AEIT.

Areas of Interest

· Planning and optimization of active distribution systems in Liberalized Markets

· Distributed Generation

· Lightning protection methods and grounding systems modelization

· Digital Measurement Systems for power quality evaluation.



Progettazione di Impianti Elettrici (L, LS)

Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia 1 (L, LS)



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