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MCS Quiz

A Quiz has been held during the workshop, to assess how well MCS 2011 attendees really know the MCS literature...


The judges chose a selection of famous conference & journal papers on the topic of MCS. For each paper, MCS attendees were provided with clues to its identity. Their task was to… Guess the paper!

The clues took the form of:

  • an equation from the paper
  • a (part) of a sentence from the abstract
  • a (part) of a sentence of the conclusions
  • a Figure
  • …or if the task was found to be really hard - the entire abstract!


  1. Wi-Fi off!
  2. Each attendee can guess once per paper
  3. Guesses had to be submitted sealed, personally handed to the panel head
  4. AT LEAST THREE of the following features must be identified correctly:
    • the exact title
    • at least one of the authors
    • the publication venue
    • the year
  5. ...45 seconds per clue!
  6. First-In, First-Out policy - the first to deliver the correct answer, wins!


Correct answers with...

  • One clue: 5 points
  • Two clues: 4 points
  • Three clues: 3 points
  • Four clues: 2 points
  • Five clues: 1 point

The Panel...


1. José Diez Pastor (University of Burgos, Spain)

2. Joydeep Ghosh (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

The MCS Quiz revealed that...