Short information for foreign students


Are you planning to study at the University of Cagliari? You are welcome!


If you are not a UE student and reside abroad, you must contact the Italian Embassy in your country in order to learn the legal requirements. You must present an enrollment application to the Embassy, enclosing your final High School title. The final title must be a certified equivalent to an Italian High School title.


If you are a UE student, wherever you reside, or are not a UE citizen but have a regular residence permission, you must fill out an application form directly at the University of Cagliari.

The title achieved abroad must be certified as an equivalent to an Italian High School title by the Italian Embassy in your country.


For more information concerning the admission of foreign students, please check the Web site of the Italian Ministry of Education




General information about Electrical Engineering


The Electrical Engineering Curricula at University of Cagliari provides the following degrees:


Bachelor of Science, B.Sc. (Laurea) 3 Years
Master of Science, M.Sc. (Laurea Specialistica or Magistrale) 2 Years
Doctoral Program, Ph.D. (Dottorato di Ricerca) 3 Years


The Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree obtained after a three-year course of study and aims to provide the foundation in the core scientific subjects as well as professional training.


The Master of Science is awarded after two more years of study and aims to provide rigorous, advanced training in more highly specialized areas. To be enrolled in a Master's program, a Bachelor is required.


The Ph.D. (Doctoral Program) is a postgraduate degree in advanced research. To be enrolled in a Ph.D. program, the Master is required. A qualifying examination is also required to join the Ph.D. program.


To obtain the degree in Electric Engineering (Bachelor or Master) the student must pass the examinations listed in the relevant study plan. Further details on study plan, lessons schedules, dates of exams, seminars and tutorials can be found on this web site.


Academic Calendar


The academic year is divided into two semesters:


The First Semester starts on October 1 and ends on January 10.

There is a break of 2 weeks for Christmas.

The Second Semester starts on March 1 and ends on June 10.

There is a break of 1 week for Easter.


Exams are mainly held during these three period:


Summer - From June 15 to July 30

Fall - From September 1 to September 30

Winter - From January 15 to February 28



Electrical Engineering - Bachelor Degree

Catalogue Listing



The Credit System (ECTS)


The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is used by Italian universities to evaluate and measure the workload teaching hours and the higher education effort of every single course.


Credits measure the student workload which is required to pass the examination and include class attendance, classwork, laboratory work and individual study. It is also possible to obtain credits for other training courses, or project works or theses, internships, foreign languages, basic computing skills, training in communication and public relations and group work. One credit corresponds to a workload of about 25 hours and the yearly workload for an average study course corresponds to about 60 credits.


Each subject is assigned a number of credits which the student obtains when he passes the final examination. The lessons take place in the Department classrooms and the practice is usually carried on in the Department laboratories.

Exams can be both written and oral; marks are out of 30 (mark expressed in “Trentesimi”) and the minimum pass mark is 18/30. When the student has passed all the exams in the programme of studies, he has to prepare a dissertation to be discussed beside a Commission. Such commission expresses a global evaluation on the whole student's career with a final mark not lower than 66/110 and at the highest of 110/110.


In order to convert the marks expressed in ECTS in marks expressed in “Trentesimi” and vice versa, check this conversion table:


Conversion from ECTS mark to “Trentesimi”

ECTS mark A B C D E
"Trentesimi" 30 28 26 23 19


Conversion from “Trentesimi” to ECTS mark

"Trentesimi" 30-29 28-27 26-25 24-22 21-18
ECTS mark A B C D E






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