Tuesday 6 September

15.30 –15.50: Spotlights (Poster Session A)
Low and middle level processing, image analysis
Chairman: Giorgio Fumera

Contour Co-occurrence Matrix - a Novel Statistical Shape Descriptor
Rami Rautkorpi and Jukka Iivarinen

Seeded Watersheds for Combined Segmentation and Tracking of Cells
Amalka Pinidiyaarachchi and Carolina Wahlby

Image Segmentation Evaluation by Techniques of Comparing Clusterings
Xiaoyi Jiang, Cyril Marti, Christophe Irniger and Horst Bunke

Statistical Modeling of Huffman Tables Coding
S. Battiato, C. Bosco, A. Bruna, G. Di Blasi and G. Gallo

Kernel Based Symmetry Measure
Bertrand Zavidovique and Vito Di Gesų

Estimation of Moments of Digitized Objects with Fuzzy Borders
Natasa Sladoje and Joakim Lindblad

Feature Matching and Pose Estimation Using Newton Iteration
Hongdong Li and Richard Hartley

Image Segmentation Based on Genetic Algorithms Combination
Vito Di Gesų and Giosuč Lo Bosco

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