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Analysis of place/transition nets using partial order: development of a Matlab toolbox for unfolding

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The subject dealt in this paper concerns the Discrete Event Systems and particulary it refers to the theory of place/transition nets. 

The paper, that starts with a brief introduction and some references to key concepts of Petri nets, focus on an important analysis' technique that use the unfolding procedure. This method converts a safe ordinary Petri net into a particular net, called "unfolding net", that belongs to the class of occurrence nets. The unfolding net is an infinity Petri net. We can obtain some finite prefixes by modifying the basic procedure.

The main goal of this paper is to implement a Matlab Toolbox such a support to constructe the unfolding net and its finite prefixes. 

The performances reached by algorithms implementated were compared with those obtained using the "classic" analysis technique of reachability graph.

This comparison was carried out both on computational times and number of states reached. The obtained results show as, in both cases, the analysis based on unfolding reaches performances clearly more satisfactory than traditional analysis.