IFAC Conference Series on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems

Aims and scope

The IFAC Conference Series on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (ADHS) is focused on the multidisciplinary area of hybrid dynamical systems, i.e., systems in which discrete-event and continuous dynamics interact closely. Example of hybrid systems can be found in a wide range of domains: high-tech applications where logic-based components, digital networks and embedded controllers are combined with continuous physical processes; multi-agent and networked control systems; system biology; constrained mechanical systems; fluid modeling of discrete event systems. Hybrid systems pose many challenging problems and exhibit very complex dynamics: as such they represent a key area of scientific investigation in automation and control. The development of systematic methods for efficient and reliable realisations of hybrid automation systems is a key issue in industrial information and control technology and is therefore currently of high interest to control scientists and engineers in research institutions as well as in many industrial sectors.

The conferences are intended to be a meeting place for researchers from the scientific domains of control engineering, computer science and applied mathematics, and for practitioners from several application domains, such as process industry, automotive, avionics, communication networks, energy systems, transportation networks, embedded systems, biology and other sciences, manufacturing and robotics.

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The ADHS series follows the successful conference series on the Automation De Processus Mixtes / Automation of Mixed Processes: ADPM 92 in Paris (France), ADPM 94 in Brussels (Belgium), ADPM 98 in Reims (France) and ADPM 2000 in Dortmund (Germany). As such, the ADHS series has roots going back over 2 decades.

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