PhD Seminar Course on

Software Mining and Analysis

Cagliari, 18, 19, 20, 22 June, 2012

This activity was made possible by the "Visiting Professors 2011" program of the University of Cagliari, sponsored by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia



Sunghun Kim , PhD

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


16 h


18, 19, 20, 22 June, 2012 -- from 15:00 to 19:00


Sala riunioni, 2 piano Edificio B


Patch generation is an essential software maintenance task because most software systems inevitably include bugs that need to be fixed. Unfortunately, human resources available for fixing all reported and known bugs are often limited. To address this issue, several automated patch generation techniques have been proposed. In particular, the award-winning genetic-programming-based patch generation technique proposed by Weimer et al. has shown promising results. However, these techniques have two main limitations: it often generates unrealistic patches due to the randomness in genetic programming, and the patch generation process is inefficient. To address these limitations, we learn from human written patches and apply common patch patterns to generate automatic patches. I'll present the techniques and preliminary results.
The seminar sessions will be the following:

Day 1
automatic bug fixing (open to public), bug cache, change classification.
Day 2
Defect prediction (in general), noise detection, ReLink
Day 3
Bug triage
Day 4
Crash report mining/crash reproduction


A report applying the principles from the Course.


Michele Marchesi
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy