PhD Seminar Course on

The components of life and computational biology

Cagliari, July 3,4, 2012

This activity was made possible by the "Visiting Professors 2011" program of the University of Cagliari, sponsored by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Instructor: Prof. Andrew C. R. Martin
University College, London
Duration: 8 hours
Schedule: Tue July 3rd (15-19), Wed July 4th (15-19)
Venue: Room y (close to DIE, B building)
[ 4hours ] The components of life - An introduction to cellular and structural biology

This seminar will introduce the basic concepts of biology. We will look at the structure of cells and of proteins and nucleic acids - the fundamental building blocks of life. Methods used to look at these molecules (too small to be seen by even the most powerful microscopes) will be introduced. We will then examine the processes by which these come together to create life.

[ 4hours ] Computational Biology - Applications of computing to problems in biology

The sequencing of the human genome and the advent of rapid technologies for sequencing DNA has led to a huge explosion in the amount of available biological data. This seminar will examine some of the key concepts in computational biology exploring how computers can be used to analyze and make predictions about nucleic acids and proteins. It will end with a presentation of research in my group, in particular the analysis of effects of mutations that are identified in the sequencing projects.
Organizer: Giuliano Armano
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy