PhD Seminar Course on

Optimization of Discrete Event Systems

Cagliari, November 2 - 17, 2010

Instructor: Cristian Mahulea
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Duration: 24 hours
  • Tuesday, November 2, 9-11
  • Wednesday, November 3, 15-19
  • Thursday, November 4, 9-11
  • Monday, November 8, 15-19
  • Wednesday, November 10, 15-18
  • Friday, November 12, 15-18
  • Monday, November 15, 15-18
  • Wednesday, November 17, 15-18
Venue: Aula Piano Rialzato, DIEE PAD.A
Topics: Goal: The complexity of discrete concurrent systems makes the analysis, verification and optimization not trivial tasks. In this course we will make a presentation for both descriptive and formal analysis of two different problems: optimization and control that can be found in many industrial activities. Many applications, especially on manufacturing and transportation systems will be presented to familiarize the student with the implementation of the optimization techniques. They are intended to deepen the understanding of the theory and to provide hands-on experience to match theoretical optimization with practical situations. In this way, students can develop skills to solve such problems, but considering the underlying fundamentals resolution techniques.

  1. Motivation and Application Domains (3 hours)
  2. Linear Programming and Duality (6 hours)
  3. (Mixed) Integer Programming (3 hours)
  4. Combinatorial Programming (3 hours)
  5. Dynamic Programming (3 hours)
  6. Heuristic Methods for Optimization (3 hours)
  7. Approximation to Model Predictive Control (3 hours)
Assessment: Graded homeworks.
Organizer: Prof. Alessandro Giua
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy
Email: giua[at]