PhD Seminar Course on

Introduction to Analysis and Synthesis of Distributed Parameter Systems

Cagliari, Dec. 9 -- Dec. 22, 2009


Prof. Yuri Orlov    


20 hours, Dec. 9 -- Dec. 22, 2009


Monday (2 hours):          3PM --- 5PM,        Dec. 14, Dec. 21

Tuesday (2 hours):          9AM --- 11AM,     Dec. 15, Dec. 22

Wednesday (2 hours):     9AM --- 11AM,     Dec. 9, Dec. 16

Thursday (2 hours):         5PM --- 7PM,        Dec. 10, Dec 17

Friday (2 hours):             3PM --- 5PM,        Dec. 11, Dec 18


Mezzanine floor Classroom (DIEE Building A)


Mathematical Tools of Infinite-Dimensional Systems (7 hours)

  1. Examples:
    a) Delay equations
    b) Homogeneous partial differential equations (PDE)
    c) Inhomogeneus PDE

  2. Separation of Variables in PDE and Fourier Representation
  3. Differential Equations in Hilbert Space:
    a) Strongly Continuous and Analytical Semigroups
    b) Infinitesimal generator of a semigroup

  4. Hilbert Space-Valued Differential Equations with Discontinuous Right-Hand Sides
  5. Sliding Modes in Hilbert Space
Qualitative Analysis in Hilbert Space (7 hours)
  1. Dynamic Systems in Hilbert Space
  2. Stability and Invariance Principle
  3. Asymptotic Stability of Interconnected Systems
  4. Exact/Approximate Controllability and Observability
  5. Exponential Stabilizability and Minimum Phase Systems
  6. Identifiability, Persistency of Excitation, and Sufficiently Rich Input Signals
Adaptive Identification of Linear Time-Delay Systems (3 hours)
  1. Identifiability Analysis
  2. Adaptive Identification
  3. Sliding Mode Adaptive Identifier Design
Adaptive Identification and Indirect Adaptive Control of Heat Processes (3 hours)
  1. Identifiability Analysis
  2. Adaptive Plant Parameter Identifier Design


Prof. Elio Usai
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy