Call: A call for open PhD positions ("bando di concorso") is posted yearly on the web site of the University of Cagliari, under the page Dottorati di Ricerca e Scuole di Dottorato usually in November. The call specifies the number of positions available for each PhD course with and without financial aid.

Application form: The candidates must submit the application form either on line (see the page Dottorati di Ricerca e Scuole di Dottorato) or by registered mail to the address specified in the call. Applicants must hold an Italian "laurea specialistica" or equivalent foreign degree. There are no limitations on the nationality of the candidates.

Standard Admissions: The selection of candidates will be based on a competitive examination ("concorso") that consists of:

  1. a written test (in Italian or English) on arguments dealing with the research projects of the School;
  2. an oral interview
Top scoring successful candidates will be admitted with financial aid (fellowship) and will be exempted from the payment of the annual fee. The remaining admitted candidates will receive no financial aid. The number of available positions with or without financial aid varies from year to year.

Admissions for foreign candidates: DRIEI welcomes the application of outstanding foreign candidates and may reserve each year one or more fellowships in priority to foreign students. Foreign students with fellowships from their own countries are also welcome. The selection of foreign candidates follows these steps:

  1. Perspective foreign candidates are invited to send by September to the address:

    • a letter of motivation mentioning one or more curricula of their interest;
    • a curriculum vitae;
    • two letters of presentations.

  2. After the call has been published, they should send the application form for the "concorso" as mentioned above. PLEASE NOTE. If the candidate has a foreign degree whose equivalence to the Italian laurea has not been declared yet, he/she must provide all documents useful to allow the faculty members to declare the equivalence. The documents must be translated and certified by the competent Italian representatives abroad (Embassy, Consulate).

  3. Foreign candidates need not attend the competitive examination but will be selected by assessment of their application form.

Financial aid: A fellowship consists in a grant of 13638,47/year ( 12444 net of social security contribution) for the whole duration of the PhD program (3 year maximum). The grant is increased if the student undertakes a period of study abroad in a foreign academic or research institution.

Fees: There are no fees for candidates holding a fellowship. A fee must be paid by the other PhD students not holding a fellowship. The entrance fee for these students amounts to 258.00. For details contact: Dott.ssa Monica Melis, Settore dottorati e master, Via San Giorgio, 12 (ex Clinica Aresu), 09124, Cagliari. tel. +39-070-675-6504, email: