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5th International Workshop on
New Challenges in Distributed Information Filtering and Retrieval


September 17, 2011 - Palermo (Italy)

h. 9.00   Welcome to DART!

h. 9.10   Session I
  • Temporal characterization of the requests to Wikipedia
    Antonio J. Reinoso, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Rocio Muñoz-Mansilla and Israel Herraiz
  • ImageHunter: a novel tool for Relevance Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval
    Roberto Tronci, Gabriele Murgia, Maurizio Pili, Luca Piras and Giorgio Giacinto
  • Experimenting Text Summarization on Multimodal Aggregation
    Giuliano Armano, Alessandro Giuliani, Alberto Messina, Maurizio Montagnuolo and Eloisa Vargiu

h. 10.40   Coffee break

h. 11.00   Session II
  • From Tags to Emotions: Ontology-driven Sentimental Analysis in the Social Semantic Web
    Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Viviana Patti and Paolo Rena
  • Interaction Mining: the new frontier of Call Center Analytics
    Vincenzo Pallotta, Rodolfo Delmonte, Lammert Vrieling and David Walker
  • From Logical Forms to SPARQL Query with GETARUN
    Rocco Tripodi and Rodolfo Delmonte
  • A Formalism for Temporal Annotation and Reasoning of Complex Events in Natural Language
    Francesco Mele and Antonio Sorgente

h. 13.00   Lunch

h. 14.30   Invited Speaker
  • Can Information Retrieval Systems Be Improved Using Quantum Probability?
    Massimo Melucci
    In recent years a great deal of attention and research have been paid to the exploitation of Quantum Mechanics in Information Retrieval (IR). In this talk I will introduce the basic notions of Quantum IR and will explain how the retrieval decision problem can be formulated within a quantum probability framework in terms of vector subspaces rather than in terms of subsets as it is customary to state in classical probabilistic IR. Hence I will show that ranking by quantum probability of relevance in principle yields higher expected recall than ranking by classical probability at every level of expected fallout and when the parameters are estimated as accurately as possible on the basis of the available data.

h. 15.30   Coffee break

h. 16.00   Session III
  • A Multi-Agent System for Information Semantic Sharing
    Agostino Poggi and Michele Tomaiuolo
  • A Multi-Agent Decision Support System for Dynamic Supply Chain Organization
    Liliana Lo Presti, Luca Greco, Agnese Augello, Giuseppe Lo Re, Marco La Cascia and Salvatore Gaglio
  • Context-Aware Recommender Systems: A Comparison Of Three Approaches
    Umberto Panniello and Michele Gorgoglione

h. 17.30   End of the Workshop