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5th International Workshop on
New Challenges in Distributed Information Filtering and Retrieval


September 17, 2011 - Palermo (Italy)



Information filtering has drastically changed the way information seekers find what they are searching for. In fact, they effectively prune large information spaces and help users in selecting items that best meet their needs, interests, preferences, and tastes. These systems rely strongly on the use of various machine learning tools and algorithms for learning how to rank items and predict user evaluation. Information Retrieval, on the other hand, attempts to address similar filtering and ranking problems for pieces of information such as links, pages, and documents. Information Retrieval systems generally focus on the development of global retrieval techniques, often neglecting individual user needs and preferences.



DART is focused on researching and studying new challenges in distributed information filtering and retrieval. In particular, DART aims to investigate novel systems and tools to distributed scenarios and environments. Therefore, DART will contribute to discuss and compare suitable novel solutions based on intelligent techniques and applied in real-world applications.


Special Issue

All authors will be asked to submit a refined and extended version of their contribution for publication in the series Studies in Computational Intelligence published by Springer Verlag (Series Ed.: Kacprzyk, Janusz, ISSN: 1860-949X).


The authors of the paper selected by the organizers as the best one of the workshop will be offered to publish an extended version on Intelligenza Artificiale, the International Journal of AI*IA, published by IOS Press. In the issue presentation by the Editor in Chief it will be acknowledged that the paper was selected as the best paper at the workshop.



DART is partially supported by Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory (d.d. 602-Ric., March,14,2005 - DM 19410)


Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory