PhD Seminar Course on

Bioelectronic: from diagnostic (biosensor, biochips) and biomedical devices to bioinspired nanosystems

Cagliari, May 10-13, 2011

This activity was made possible by the "Visiting Professors 2010" program of the University of Cagliari, sponsored by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia
Instructor: Pascal Mailley
Duration: 24 hours

Lecture 1 (3 hours): Tuesday,        May 10, 10-13, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 2 (3 hours): Tuesday,        May 10, 14-17, Mezzanine room, DIEE Building A

Lecture 3 (3 hours): Wednesday,  May 11, 10-13, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 4 (3 hours): Wednesday,  May 11, 14-17, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 5 (3 hours): Thursday,       May 12, 10-13, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 6 (3 hours): Thursday,       May 12, 14-17, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 7 (3 hours): Friday,            May 13, 10-13, Meeting room, DIEE Building B

Lecture 8 (3 hours): Friday,            May 13, 14-17, Mocci classroom, DIEE Building A

Prerequisites: Very basic knowledge in chemistry, biology and biochemistry. Ability to understand, to integrate, vocabulary and knowledge of a science at the interfaces between biology, physics and physico-chemistry.
Topics: Bioelectronic [1h]
  • Definition and principal approaches
  • Biomolecules and biological objects used in bioelectronic
Molecular bioelectronic (biosensor and biochips) [12h]
  • Market positioning
  • Problematics in molecular bioelectronic
  • Immobilization of biological probes
  • Transduction strategies
  • Enzymatic amperometric biosensors
  • Molecular biochips (DNA, proteins)
  • Cells chips
Medical bioelectronic and neuroprothetic [9h]
  • Typical applications of medical bioelectronic
  • Neuroprothetic (neurostimulation and implant devices)
  • Skin surface applications (monitoring, drug delivery and skin impedance)
Bioinspired nanosystems : from biology to molecular electronic [2h]
  • Biomolecules as artificial scaffolds
  • Biomolecules for chemical electronics
Organizer: Massimo Barbaro
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy
Email: barbaro*REMOVE*