PhD Short Course on

Statistical Learning: Selected Topics and Applications

Cagliari, June 26-27-28-29, 2007

Instructor: Mario A. T. de Figueiredo (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa)
Structure: 6 hours lecture over one week
  1. Overview of Bayesian and MDL Model Selection
  2. Model and feature selection in mixture-based clustering
  3. Semi-supervised Classification
  4. Semi-supervised Clustering: Application to Image Segmentation
  5. Advanced Applications of the EM Algorithm: Network Inference
Assessment: Read one paper in any of the above topic. Write 1 page summary.
Dates and location: All lectures will take place at the
University of Cagliari
Faculty of Engineering
Piazza D'Armi
09123 Cagliari, Italy

dates and schedule:
Tue June 26: 10.00-12.00, meeting room (pad B)
Wed June 27: 11.00-12.00, room Y
Thu June 28: 10.00-12.00, room Y
Fri June 29: 10.00-11.00, room X

Organizer: Fabio Roli
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy
Email: roli at