PhD Program and School Faculty

Chair / Coordinator
Fabio Roli PO ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Giuliano Armano PA ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Luigi Atzori RU ING-INF/03 (Communications)
Massimo Barbaro RU ING-INF/01 (Electronics)
Annalisa Bonfiglio PA ING-INF/01 (Electronics)
Barbara Cannas RU ING-IND/31 (Electrical Engineering)
Andrea Casula RU ING-INF/02 (Electromagnetic Engineering)
Giulio Concas RU ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Alfonso Damiano PA ING-IND/32 (Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives)
Matteo Fraschini RU ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Giorgio Fumera RU ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Giorgio Giacinto PA ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Alessandro Giua PO ING-INF/04 (Automatic Control)
Daniele Giusto PO ING-INF/03 (Communications)
Michele Marchesi PO ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Gian Luca Marcialis RU ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Giuseppe Mazzarella PO ING-INF/02 (Electromagnetic Engineering)
Giorgio Montixi RU ING-INF/02 (Electromagnetic Engineering)
Maurizio Murroni RU ING-INF/03 (Communications)
Carlo Muscas PA ING-INF/07 (Measurements)
Danilo Pani RU ING-INF/06 (Biomedical Engineering)
Luigi Raffo PO ING-INF/01 (Electronics)
Carla Seatzu RU ING-INF/04 (Automatic Control)
Massimo Vanzi PO ING-INF/01 (Electronics)

Foreign members
Francesco Bullo Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara, USA ING-INF/04 (Automatic Control)
Ludmila Kuncheva Dept. of Computer Science, Bangor University, UK ING-INF/05 (Computer Engineering)
Full ProfessorPO
Associate ProfessorPA
Assistant ProfessorRU